Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rep. Keith Ellison compared surveillance of Muslims today with Japanese internment 1941-1945

You blew it Mr. Ellison. First, no Muslims have been ‘interned’ in anything. The suspicions of Muslims being terrorists in no way compares to machine guns being pointed at you within a barbed wire fence. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law were in those camps (Along with their brothers, sisters and parents) and I find your comparison derogatory to them and what they endured. We are not taking away any of their property either. Quite the contrary. Why have you not been removed from your position in Congress? You think a Japanese-American would not have been removed in 1942? Some comparison.

More importantly, the Japanese were interred because JAPAN had begun a war against us with a surprise attack. So our reaction was a natural one, as is our reaction today. In addition, your comparison implies to me that Islam is at war against us, (I happen to agree) which one distinguishing feature has been to open hostilities with surprise attacks. At least Japan attacked our military. Islam attacks our people, directly.
This argument of Ellison is about as dumb as the Muslim argument being made that because more Arabs are killed by Israel than what Israel loses in return makes Israel the warmongers. The logic is that Israel must be the aggressors in a war of aggression because they are so much better at it.
As if the United States did not kill one heck of a lot more Japanese than we lost in that war. The United States lost about 40,000 fighting Japan, 1941-1945. We lost another 200,000 wounded. We killed literally millions. And this makes us the warmongers and the ‘Bad Guys’? Stupid argument, and I have heard this repeated over the years and still they keep at it!!!
On a personal note, I have not forgotten that you, Mr. Ellison took your oath of office (symbolically) over the Koran. The Koran is about as hostile to my government and way of life that can be imagined. As a representative, I am certain that you are aware that within our own legal system, the written document overrides the verbal contract. This act was symbolic in many ways. Your loyalty to my country is much more in doubt than either of my in-laws. You have better shut up, Mr. Ellison. You are giving yourself away.

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