Thursday, April 4, 2013

Loyalty to the United States

I read an article recently describing the reasons why President Obama is so supportive of Israel. This should dispel any concerns about our current President's backing of Israel. President Obama made the trip to Israel the first priority of his second term. He even spoke Hebrew! My reply is B.S.

I am an natural born American. I am loyal to our economic system, capitalism. This is what made America great. I also knew while growing up, that I could be drafted into the military. I missed Vietnam
by a few years, but I knew that if I was drafted, I would go. I would literally risk life and limb. And I would not even necessarily agree with the Commander-in-Chief about being there in the first place, but I would still go. America comes first. Before myself. Even at the risk of my children growing up without their father. All of this is in stark contrast to our current President.

President Obama showed his true loyalty during the Benghazi 'incident'. The official excuse was a video when it was well known at the time that it had been a coordinated attack. This attack was deliberately planned against the sovereignty of the United States. It resulted in the brutal murder of the Ambassador. The enemy even raised their black flag over two of our embassies, a dramatic symbol of national victory over another sovereign national entity. And our President deliberately misled us. Why?

Several days before the attack, the President had spoken at the Democratic National Convention about how that very same enemy had been 'decimated' and implied that they were no longer an effective enemy of our country. Politically it would look really bad if that same enemy shows how effective they really are. So for political advantage, he and numerous others attempted to mislead us. All they had to do was stall for a couple of months, until after the election. Then it would be old news.

And this guy will be loyal to Israel? He is not even loyal to his own country, why the hell would anyone believe that he would be loyal to ANY country?

What has happened to the party that gave us this famous quote?: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country.”    

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