Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Islam causes war: Reason number 9


I add racism because of its hatred. Islam codifies racism and hatred into its legal system. Although racism and hatred are not necessarily political, it would be human nature for hatred and racism to develop given the open discrimination over many generations. Indeed, over many centuries. The all out war against ALL political entities (Jews and Christians being singled out) would over time build on human weakness. You need something to build into hate to justify targeting people. You need to dehumanize the targeted (Like in war dehumanize the enemy) population in order to justify the taking of life and property. (People will go to great lengths: For example, pilots think of the aircraft that they shoot down as not having anyone inside. It is just a machine) The targeted population needs to be different and hateful toward you in order to generate the return hatred that they so clearly deserve. Racism fills that need exceptionally well. Islam excels at it as is seen throughout the Islamic world with such common expressions of hate speech and acts of violence against hated groups. (Once again, Jews and Christians are among the most common examples.)

If this is not worth waging war both for and against, then don't count it. I believe differently enough to add this to become number 9 in my list as to why Islam causes violence and warfare.  

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