Friday, March 29, 2013

Islam causes war: Reason # 8

Islamic nationalism.

This is actually a combination of all 7 in the list. This is where “Muslim waters” comes from. Mosques are considered to be Muslim land. Like an embassy. But who does a national government negotiate with? Imams have the authority of a national government as if he is a nation state. It is like dealing with the Indian tribes in 19th century North America. Today's Imams are the “priests” who are forming and leading their own combat units. This cannot go on into the 21st century. On top of this, Islam is not very accommodating.

Even Saudi authorities are not Islam. Remember that battle when Saudi authorities had to storm that mosque? Mosques are embassies of Islam. A large practical application is how Imams have the authority to declare war. Imams have the authority to issue death warrants into ANY country in the world. Hard to negotiate without using violence in self defense. How else would you deal with a foreign entity that CLAIMS that it should and intends to kill one of your civilians? Justification to attack is rarely needed anyway as Islamic doctrine has plenty of room for lots of violence against it's opponents. Islam tends to hit first after they have been 'offended'. They see it as hitting back at the any number of insults they have suffered. No real excuses required. Justification for war is easy under these circumstances combined with the relative low level decision making Imams represent on a global governmental scale. Combining with nuclear weapons is only a recipe for disaster.

Islamic nationalism is medieval in almost everything. One example is in the medieval behavior of the army it is fielding. Another good cause for war that is left out of the general conversation. If not for anything else but the sheer barbarity of the enemy. You can beat your wife as long as no visible marks are left. Just what can you do to your enemy? (Answer: ANYTHING) As good a reason in and of itself for waging war. Islamic nationalism causes war. It must go the way of the do-do. A reversal to Abraham Lincoln's famous quote: Islamic nationalism must perish from this earth. And don't think for one moment that any attempt in this will NOT cause open violence and warfare.      

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