Friday, March 1, 2013

HEY! It's a nice day!

I went outside this morning, and guess what? It is a nice winter day!

You know what they say about payback, Mr. President? The thing that I do not like about this is that we are discussing the 'Fundamental CHANGE' or in other words, the destruction of my country.

The day after the stimulus passed in 2009, you said that you had gone outside and 'it was a nice day'. The disaster that had been predicted as a result of the massive spending had not come to pass. Mr. President, it has YET to come to pass as you are predicting a similar outcome to the so-called 'sequestration'. Funny thing, the 'sequestration' was proposed by your administration. OK, it does not matter how we got here, we are here. Disaster is staring us in the face and 4 years later, you now see it.
At least we are making progress.

You see Mr. President, the FED simply cannot raise interest rates because our debt is so large that to raise it will cause the interest on that debt to skyrocket out of control. What is of concern here is that this will happen sooner or later. It will be a great advantage if we could get our debt under control prior to this point and it looks like the 'sequester' is about the only way we can even begin to do this. Please note that this is only a beginning. And not much of a beginning at that.

Payback is a real bitch, Mr. President. You have it coming to you. I don't like being an A-Hole but you have CHANGED my attitude about you. I must admit, you have been successful in making some of the 'fundamental CHANGE' that you are working so hard to implement. Please enjoy. It is only going to get better from here.  

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