Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Palestinians tear down Obama billboard

Palestinian complaints of a lack of 3G technology was one excuse to tear down a billboard put up prior to Obama 's visit to Jerusalem:

I think this is a pretty lame excuse to fight and kill people over. The hatred expressed obviously points to the problem as being much deeper.

President Obama is philosophically more like the Arabs than we are. Yet he is an apostate because he denies that he is Muslim. (At least to the American public) At the same time, his father was Muslim. This automatically makes him Muslim. He must have left Islam. (Unless lying about it, which will exempt him although the Palestinian public does not seem to be buying.) The penalty for leaving Islam is death. You do not argue with Islam. This is why the Palestinians are no friend of President Obama, nor will he ever be able to have Palestinians work with him to help settle any issues. 

This 3G technology bull is a classic example of ANY excuse to hate and kill over. This is Islamic nationalism at work. This is my reason number 8 as to why Islam is the cause of conflict and warfare. (I will go into detail when I reach #8 in the series on reasons why Islam causes war)      

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