Friday, April 12, 2013

Breaking the law

I don't want to EVER break the law. I rarely speed over 5 over the limit. I certainly want to obey the law concerning firearms. I have a FOID card, (which is required in Illinois) just so I can practice. I don't and never have owned so much as a BB gun. I did own a slingshot while a child, but that is it. I still want to not only have the right to own a firearm, I want the the right of access to them both for purchase and use. Ammunition has the same requirements. Firearms are not much good without bullets.    

The regulations that are being passed today is going to make it very difficult for people to stay within the law and still be able to exercise their 2nd amendment rights in any practical way. I have been able to do so with some degree of trouble, but this is going to CHANGE.

After all, President Obama said that he was going to “Fundamentally CHANGE” America. He is doing just that. He never said that we would like it. Nor did he say that we would agree with it. President Obama may not be able to repeal the 2nd amendment, but he would like to. Although he does not have the political ability to outright repeal, he can place so many restrictions that effectively takes away your ability to exercise the right that is supposedly guaranteed. A good way to do that is to go after the ammunition. No amendment protects the right to ammunition. And I must admit, if successful, this would be real, “Fundamental” CHANGE.      

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