Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Koran

I am not a particularly religious man. However, I did attend 8 years of Catholic grade school. The teachers and nuns who taught me were dedicated individuals who lived what they preached. And the Bible does NOT teach violence. Quite the contrary.

I am certain that devout Muslims are no less dedicated individuals than those who taught me. The problem is that the Korans teachings are so different from the Bible. As I pointed out in my series of posts on how Islam causes war and violence, the Koran is not just about religion. The Koran describes a system of governance and laws. And severe penalties abound within it's pages.

Kill the occupiers of Muslim lands. The penalty for leaving Islam is death. Stoning to death. (The stones can't be so small as to qualify as a pebble and can't be so large as to cause death with one blow) Kill the infidel. Lots of death penalties. Chopping off hands and feet, gouging out eyes, lashes with a whip for various infractions. Heck, there is even a big debate about being about to beat your wife. (You are not supposed to leave visible marks.)
No wonder they want to cover up their women. It is not just to keep them modest and under control.

I know the Bible pretty well after 8 years of study. I don't know of ANY teachings that are remotely similar. In fact, quite the opposite. (I will spare you the details)

The Koran was spoken by a 'prophet' who could read and write after being in a cave for 30 days. Others wrote it down. These writings were such a mess that it was decided to organize it by the size of the phrase spoken, not by content or concept or subject matter. (Well written books are just not organized in this way.) It is true that a percentage of these teachings are generous and accepting of others. However, if you look at the time when these phrases were spoken, it is generally accepted that the majority of these 'peaceful' phrases were spoken early in the prophet's career. One of the later phrases has the command that when in conflict, the LATER phrases are to supersede the early phrases. The later phrases are those spoken when Islam was dominate in the land and Islamic law enforced.

If you look through history and around the world, you can find plenty of examples of where the Bible was twisted and used to excess. You can also find plenty of cases of Christians who were 'bad' and did evil acts. But you simply cannot compare this with the evil acts we have been and are seeing performed by the followers of the Koran.

Repeated suicide bombings throughout the Muslim world. Constant violence and warfare in all of the places where Islam is in contact with the rest of the world. Armed militias being formed by Imams and other devote followers of Islamic teachings. And their behavior! Straight out of the the 7th century. Be-headings, burning of churches, indiscriminate killings and bombings. Public stoning and whipping. There is just no parallel anywhere in the rest of the world where this is anywhere near so commonplace and supported. The source cannot be anything else than the Koran and Islamic teachings. It certainly is NOT a positive aspect of human nature.   

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