Friday, May 3, 2013

The war is CHANGING

Things are upside down right now. We restrict our own clergy from comforting the injured nor allowed to give last rights in the attack in Boston. While our enemy clergy is allowed to fund mosques while they are in jail. Not to mention how so many of their clergy (Imams) actually form combat units and militias. At the same time, the Pentagon has announced that they will court marshal those who attempt to bring up religion within the ranks. Specifically aimed at Christianity. They have since backed off, although this does give us a good indication of what our leadership would like to do.

We can expect things like the bombing in Boston to not just continue, but to increase. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were drawing in guys like this into a match up against our military. The order to repel the 'occupiers of Muslim land' has historically been one of the 'fundamental' strong Islamic causes for offensive warfare. This match up against our military does not favor them. Our soldiers are a lot harder to kill in the field not to mention in the desert, an ideal environment for mechanized warfare, which we excel at.

We are losing the war on just about every front that matters.

For all his faults, President Bush chose his wars well. President Obama has since promised us "Fundamental CHANGE". He is doing exactly that. We were fighting to keep the war 'over there'. We will now be fighting the war right here. President Obama never said that we would like the CHANGE that he promised.

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