Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Mr. President, you crossed a red line with Benghazi. Look, I get how you believe that government is more 'fair' than the private sector. I also disagree with you on firearms, but I get how you believe that restricting firearms is 'the right thing to do'. I disagree with you on just about everything political, but you are the President and I am not. However, my country comes first. Before my own self interests and as President, I certainly expect before your own self interest.

I thought that you believed that government employees were dedicated, selfless people? Well, I know human nature better than this. I disagree with you as I believe that government employees are still human and have all the weaknesses of everyone else. However, you deliberately misled the American public about Benghazi in order to further your own self interest of being re-elected as President of the United States.

The attack on our embassies in Benghazi and Egypt were NOT the spontaneous response to an anti-Islamic video and you knew it right from the start. It was a planned attack upon our country. However, it was not in your interests to have this made public, at least not right away while people are still fired up about it. Only a few days before at the Democratic National Convention, you had stated that the very same enemy who launched the attack had had it's leadership 'decimated' and was 'on the run'. To have the American public find out that you were wrong only three days later would jeopardize (As your message to Putin stated) YOUR election. Fine, I get your political interest here. But what about the interests of the United States?

On Sept 11, 2012, that very same enemy stormed two of our embassies, which are considered to be sovereign territory. They killed one of our ambassadors and raised their flag over our territory. This is a act of war by an external enemy. I understand how Democrats are my internal, political enemy. However, when an external threat occurs, we are supposed to pull together to ward off the common foe.
Many Americans (As well as in all other countries) have died fighting in wars that they personally did not believe in because they placed country first, even before their own lives. This is how it is supposed to work. Benghazi demonstrates to me, quite clearly, that this does not apply to you.

Your life was not involved. Only your political future. Even President Nixon did not go this far, not even close. Nobody died in the Watergate break in, nor was the spying upon the internal political enemy all that much out of the ordinary. I am not a believer in removing public figures from office as a general rule because it seriously undermines the strength of the office itself. I did not even want President Clinton removed from office and he committed perjury about events while he was in office.
Benghazi is different because the source of the attack does matter.

ANY attack upon my country from an external enemy matters. Acts of war committed upon my country matter, as does the source of those attacks. To point at a different source intentionally is to place other interests before those the country. It is even more revealing that the Secretary of State is the person who said that the source of the attack did not matter. So we have both the President and the Secretary of State placing some other interests before that our of country. THAT MATTERS, Mr. President. Enough to kick you and your entire administration out of office. Even if that weakens the office. Because MY country comes BEFORE you and your self interests.    

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