Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Ignorance of the law is no excuse

You cannot argue in court that you did not know that the law made whatever you did illegal. Yet the argument that President Obama is presenting to the American public in all these scandals is that he did not know about any of them. I guess we are not to hold him accountable for the actions of a few 'crazy' 'low level bureaucrats'. Apparently, “the buck does NOT stop here” on the Presidents desk. These 'low level bureaucrats' must really like President Obama because they can do so much without oversight into what they are doing. Very poor command and control at best. Not to mention dangerous.

These 'low level bureaucrats' have powers over you and I that can easily ruin our lives. The financial implications of the IRS running without accountability is bad enough. With Obama Care, these 'low level bureaucrats' will be able to do just about anything that they want to you (Including 'pulling the plug') and our President will know nothing of it. Not that a sitting President will need to know everything, but not being informed or being enabled to make and enforce major policy initiatives?

Corporations are required to follow the law, just like everyone else. And their executives are held accountable and can be sent to jail. You can bet that the executives know all about ALL major policy initiatives. And they are not able to plead that they did not know the law. This is one major reason as to why private ownership works so much better than 'public' (Government) ownership.

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