Saturday, October 20, 2012

We are getting close

I am not referring to the election. We are getting close to the war blowing up. Iran is close to getting nuclear weapons. Iran does not need to deploy any that they obtain. Just the fact that they have them will allow Iran to escalate its war against us. Iran is already a major challenge to invade. Iran is a far different situation from invading Iraq. For many reasons, it is a much tougher nut to crack. Iran’s position is already fairly strong and look at the support it is giving to Islamic nationalist groups. When Iran gets the bomb, and any type of delivery system, just think about how much more they will be able to expand their operations. Iran will not need to use any nukes, just having them will escalate the war. And this leaves out the possibility that Iran WILL use them. Either way, the war is closer to blowing up. Now toss in our election. If President Obama wins re-election, it is possible that Israel will not be able to wait 4 or 5 more years for a different President. It would not surprise me if President Obama abandoned Israel like Neville Chamberlain did for Czechoslovakia back in 1938. If Israel suspects as I do, they will not be able to wait and would be pressed to begin the war on their own. I doubt they have the strength without the use of nuclear weapons themselves, and I also doubt that they would begin the war by using those they do have. I believe this unlikely, but more possible than if President Obama loses. After all, Israel could then wait for someone who is more likely to help them take office. I am leaving out a great deal, but overall; the world is much closer to a major regional war than we were just a few years ago. And I believe that we are pretty close right now. Within a couple of years is very possible. That is to close for me.

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