Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The "Rich" are not paying enough

So what is ‘Rich’? (Answer: Someone who has more than you.) The United States is a ‘Rich’ country. This means that we are not paying enough and we need to pay more? Who the hell has the right to take any action on this? Just because some leaders believe it to be true does not make it so. Besides, it all boils down to how you define ‘Rich’ and ‘enough’. What is ‘rich’ or ‘enough’ for you is not necessarily ‘rich’ or ‘enough’ for me. Same applies to ‘fair’. What is ‘fair’ to you may not be ‘fair’ to me. So the answer to the Rich not paying enough is to raise taxes only on ‘Them’. This is such a simple, ‘fair’ solution. Yet this is where the government takes away my house. I have lived in my current house for 14 years. My taxes already exceed the mortgage payment (Including insurance) by more than $100.00 a month. I have a house. To millions of other Americans who do not own a home, this makes me ‘Rich’. And I will only mention in passing about the rest of the world and how few of them own their home. The value of my house has dropped quite a bit over the past 5 or 6 years. Yet my taxes have been and are still going up. Unless my income keeps going up that much (Which it has not) then I am going to lose my house, sooner or later. I guess we just have too many ‘rich’ people in this country. Then we have the hidden tax. I am talking about inflation, or the dropping value of the currency. This impacts everyone, most of all the ‘poor’ and people on fixed income. This is because they can’t make additional money as fast as the value is dropping. This is the tax that hits all of us because we are a ‘rich’ country and need to pay our ‘fair’ share. It is only ‘fair’ that all of us ‘share’ this burden because we are not paying ‘enough’. And I thought that President Clinton was full of shit with how he defines ‘IS’.

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