Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My country lied to me

It took me awhile to realize what happened. I assumed that when my government said that an attack upon the sovereignty of my country and our ambassador was killed, that I would at least get an honest appraisal of the situation. I expect honesty in view of the situation within human limits and error. I found out that the U.S. government, namely President Obama, knew from the beginning that this was an organized, timed terrorist attack. I went downstairs and drank too much. It was an immature response, but I still have difficulty believing it. I suppose it bothered me even more that I was suspicious about President Obama doing stuff like this, but I sure as hell HOPED it would never happen. I expect a certain amount of ‘fluff’ with all politicians. They have to express themselves in the least offensive way to attract the most voters. I also expect them to exaggerate. If someone is really passionate about something, it is a human fault. If you really believe in something, it is easier to ‘stretch the truth’. We see this in politicians all the time. And I expect them to really believe what they are saying. This is why I did not expect much new transparency from the Obama administration, despite what he was saying. When it comes to matters of national security and war, I have higher expectations. I have felt since I was a kid that killing people (Or not) was the most important function of our national government. No fooling around on these issues. I do not believe in much room for ‘stretching the truth’. Accurate information is hard enough to come by in these situations. When impeachment hearings were being held against President Clinton, I did not feel that he should have been removed from office. Doing so would have damaged the office of the President far more than just putting up with him another two or more years. However, it is one thing to lie about getting blowjobs or cheating on your wife. It is a far different matter when lying about a major national security event or acts of war. President Obama did it for his own political benefit. It would have looked really bad if terrorists had attacked us less than 2 months before the Presidential election. This looks particularly bad because it took place on the anniversary of 9/11. This is placing your own self interest before country. Maybe individuals can get away with it, but ANY elected official should at the least lose his job. If we re-elect President Obama, we are allowing him to get away with it. This damages the office of the President far more than if he were removed from office. If this attack has proved anything, it is that Islamic nationalists are still at war against us. The number one rule in warfare is to “know thy enemy”. The attack and our reaction also demonstrate that President Obama is voting ‘present’ in the war that our enemy is waging against us. This is one of the reasons why our enemies are gaining strength and effectiveness. This is one of the reasons why we are losing this war. And our President is lying about it to us. No wonder I got drunk. I am over the shock now. Now I am not just angry. We need to get rid of leaders who lie to us about those who want to kill us and wage EFFECTIVE war against them. No BULLSHIT. Killing people is no time for B.S. nor is it a time for lying, no matter what the personal consequences. Our President after almost 4 years does not understand this. He should have before he took office. No way in hell should he remain.

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  1. I can't help but notice the silence from the Progressive Spinmeister. When the Silence is Deafening it can only mean one thing. And that is that the Progressive Spinmeister has nothing to say after the resounding defeat of her beloved Messiah and Savior Barack Hussein Obama, who got the shit kicked out of him at yesterdays hearings. And things are getting to be very scary for her in the polls. I say be very careful of false prophets, especially those that hide behind the skirts of their Subjects.
    And one more thing, Who is going to be our Commander in Chief of the Food Police, after the election?