Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The debate

The Presidential debate last night was a classic case of seeing what you want to see. When the person I favor as President spoke, I liked what I heard. When the “Other guy” spoke, I did not. This is usually true in any case, but was different from the 1st debate because it had seemed that Governor Romney had appeared far more decisive than President Obama. This was not true this time around. Frankly, I expected a much more spirited debate this time around because President Obama had seemed so quiet and weak last time. As in the Vice Presidential debate, I expected more attacks from the President and I was not disappointed. He was on the defensive and needed to show more of a fighting spirit. He showed it last night. I will call the debate last night a draw in that I saw basically what I expected to see. What surprised me (And I really should not have been surprised over this)was in how much these two guys loath each other. I thought that they hid their dislike of each other fairly well, but it showed up to me in the number of times that each called the others statement(s) untrue. This was a constant theme for both President Obama and Governor Romney. So it all boils down to who and what you believe. This goes back to seeing what you want to see. The choice between the two cannot be much clearer. These two are about as opposite on the political scale as we can find today. One side wants to use the fundamental economics that this country was founded upon and the other believes that more government running of the economy is the answer. This election will demonstrate just how much our country has CHANGED.

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