Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are losing

Over the past year and a half, I have devoted most of this blog to internal American affairs. I prefer to cover conflicts where U.S. interests are being challenged by foreign enemies. The nature of our internal conflict with President Obama has become of more immediate concern which is why I have made this emphasis change to internal conflict. And we are losing both conflicts. Islamic nationalism is winning all over the Middle East. One of the most glaring examples is Egypt. Now Egypt is becoming closer to Iran and it appears that cooperation will increase. How quickly and how far the relationship will develop remains to be seen. Egypt is only one of the more recent examples. What is of concern is that even supposedly ‘allied’ states are still a threat. I have not forgotten Turkey, who back in 2003 had given permission to the U.S. to stage our 4th Division out of their territory. Less than 2 days before our invasion of Iraq, this permission was revoked. This was intentional and intended to give direct and material assistance to our enemy. We have seen this type of action countless time on a small scale in just about all action we have taken in the Middle East. Just look at Afghanistan and Iraq. This can be expected to continue and even expand as our direct influence decreases throughout the region. Bin Laden himself said it: “We will back the stronger horse.” Internally, we Americans have actually elected the most anti-American ever to come near the White House. The private sector is being taken over by the government at an astounding rate, one which cannot last long simply because the pie is becoming so small that percentagewise it cannot be repeated even if attempted. This is the very foundation of American exceptionalism and American economic strength. Our economy is what has set us apart as Americans more than anything else. And we are CHANGING it, intentionally. What is even more of a concern is that this guy actually has a good chance at being re-elected. In decades past, he would not have stood a snowball chance in hell. “Once a population realizes that it can vote itself entitlements, fiscal responsibility becomes impossible.” We are seeing this today. Our inability to live within our means (Our government) is a real threat to the republic. The only way to reverse this (outside of the long shot of our population just deciding that we want to live with less) is to disenfranchise a large percentage of the population. This is the loss of the republic and we are heading toward this result at ever increasing speed. I believe that it is now easily within my own lifetime. (20 to 30 years) This is why I say that we are losing. We are going the way of the Romans, it is human nature. I want to slow it to a crawl, but the CHANGE is here and is being implemented intentionally. We are losing both internally and externally. It cannot be long before this becomes very clear to the majority of the population of not just our country, but the entire world.

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