Saturday, August 18, 2012

A no vote is better than an uninformed vote

I watched part of an argument on Fox News about the voter ID laws. I can’t stand seeing people argue who are not listening to each other. Constant interruptions bother me. Anyway, one argument made was that ALL Americans should be allowed to vote. And we should be doing our utmost to help them get out voting. I must disagree. If someone is not willing to take the time and effort to become informed and go to through the process, he/she will be casting a vote that can easily be more damaging than constructive. After all, Adolf Hitler WAS elected. Not that we will do that, but to cast an uninformed vote is far worse than if the person did not vote at all. Then we have the potential fraud issue. One reason our republic is so strong is that the vast majority of our population accepts the results of our voting. If that confidence is ruined, the consequences will be severe. The results can vary in everything from a lack of interest voting in the first place to out and out rejection of our government. Our system relies upon our population generally following the law. If you don’t see the government as legitimate, I would expect law breaking to become far more common. Even the IRS is dependent upon the average persons’ honesty. Our very society would be in jeopardy. Violence and even revolution could result. This is why we must protect the confidence in the identification of the people who are casting their vote on Election Day. The amount of ID needed can be argued, but at the very least it should be government issued identification with a picture. The lack of the ability to ID yourself to this degree should disqualify you to act on something that is far more important than boarding a plane or picking up your on-line purchase at Wal-Mart. In the elections that I have participated in, all that was asked of me was to state my name and district. They looked me up and gave me a ballot. I could have been anyone. Anyone could have been me. What if someone else got there in front of me and used my ID? This is not very likely, but far more likely is a dead person who was registered and someone who knows about it uses it to cast additional votes. I am certain that you have heard about this. Political motivation is present here. I must admit, I would expect most who to be pushed into voting need would likely vote Democrat, so I would not be particularly pleased about this. But the opposite can also be said: Those who want to push people who are not likely to take the time and effort to vote know that the majority of these will vote Democrat. But it sounds better to say that they are more interested in not disenfranchising anyone. One last example: A vote is being held to build a new sewer system. A better and less expensive way is discovered but not in time to place on the ballot. Is it in our best interest to have a bunch of people who do not know anything at all about this sewer system actually voting and deciding if it should be built? What if you did your homework and voted against it because you know the new idea is a far better method and some of your neighbors who did not know anything at all about it voted for it? I will say it again: A no show for voting is much preferred over an uninformed vote.

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