Tuesday, August 7, 2012

President Obama and I are opposite

President Obama is far more adept at making enemies than he is loyal allies. I am speaking about the national level, not personal. I have no idea what the guy really is like, except that I am opposite in the way that I look at the world from his view. In many ways, I can accept these differences, but I am an American above all. This is the area of my most concern. Our allies: I believe that our allies are more like us than most of the rest of the world. As with any general rule, exceptions can easily be found. But in general, it makes sense that our allies share common goals and beliefs. President Obama wants to CHANGE this. Our economy: I believe that America’s greatness originates in our historical distrust of government and our version of limited government that allows the population to privately own the methods of production. Simply put, you will take better care of your house if you own it. Even more so, if you own the land, you will develop AND maintain it better than ANYONE who does not. President Obama wants to CHANGE this. Our country: I am loyal to America. I am male and accept the fact that I could have been conscripted into our military if our government deemed it necessary. I also accept the fact that my two sons run this risk as well when they reach the proper age. What I am attempting to say here is that I am loyal to AMERICA above ALL else. President Obama wants to CHANGE this. OH! Not my loyalty, but the independence of America itself. We as a country need to join the world collective and cede at least more of our sovereignty to world organizations instead of jealously protecting our own self interests. Our closest allies are England and Israel. Think we are close to them right now? I am surprised that Germany and Japan are not being snubbed by President Obama, but I guess he is busy snubbing Poland because they are much closer to the action. We did not build this country. Our government allowed it to happen. The first statement is false, but I can see how President Obama sees the second statement and logically believes the first. Our country was founded by people who understood how EVERYONE acts in what they perceive to be their own best interests. President Obama cannot believe this. It is obvious that he believes that he can allocate our national resources better than we can. World organizations are likewise better suited than America to direct the interests of the world. America should just accept this. We need to CHANGE from our jealous protection of our interests to allow the world to decide what is in our collective best interest. I just do not see how two people can be more opposite on the major issues of the day.

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