Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Paul Ryan

I see the world today as having two major issues: 1) The rise of Islamic nationalism. This is the responsibility of the President. 2) The world financial crisis. (Europe and the U.S.) Of course, the world has many more issues than these, but these two for me are the most pressing. The rise of Islamic nationalism will take everyone’s attention. The choice of Vice President in this case does not make all that much difference unless Paul Ryan has experience or knowledge on this subject that I am unaware of. The financial problems of Europe and the rest of the world are not really something that the United States can do much about except to persuade and encourage. The financial crisis in the United States can be dealt with and Paul Ryan is one of the best choices in this area. (If not the best) It is much easier to spend other people’s money. Companies can and do this to a limited degree, but the constraints of the owners tend to keep this human weakness to a minimum. This is most obvious when you compare negotiations of unions. Companies are constrained by possibility of costs rising to the level of bankruptcy. Owners want to make a return on investment and need to keep costs at a certain level. Unions can only collect a certain amount before they run into a real fight. Government constraint is simply how much can the people pay? On the Federal level, bankruptcy is not really a possibility. Government negotiators can just offer more and more until the situation is reached that we are seeing across the country today. By choosing Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney is demonstrating that he is not just serious about the fiscal problems of our Federal government. While Mitt Romney is no slouch when it comes to financial matters, this team is declaring that IF elected (A BIG IF) they intend to tackle our fiscal problems by at least a major attempt at limiting Federal spending. In other words, they intend to treat the federal budget like they would with their own money. The massive spending of our Federal government is something that is so badly in need of restraint that it amazes me that we are even debating this issue at all.

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