Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Traditional Islam is at war against us

Traditional Islam views the world as being in one of two houses: The house of Islam (peace) and the house of war. The house of Islam refers to areas of the world that are controlled by Islamic law. Generally, this requires an Islamic majority although that is not necessary as long as the legal system is in place. In order to implement Islamic law, Muslims do need to be in the majority simply because Islamic law is so harsh and dominating that it is worth waging organized warfare to stop it. Those ‘infidels’ who do not resist Islamic law and domination do not understand the implications of enforcement of that system of governance. Notice the violence in areas of the world where the Muslim population is getting anywhere near a majority. In these situations, enough people understand that it is worth waging war to prevent entering the house of ‘peace’. Once inside, there is no going back. The penalty for leaving Islam is death. This is why Israel will be forever the ‘occupier’ of ‘Muslim’ land. The ‘nation of Islam’ can never accept another national entity on this land. Islam’s foreign policy is at war against Israel in particular and the U.S. is right behind them on the list of enemies. We are both In the ‘house of war’. Being in the house of war means that warfare can be waged whenever it is to your (Islam) advantage. Note how Islamic foreign policy allows for ‘truces’ when war is NOT to Islamic advantage. As soon as that status quo changes, warfare is actually encouraged. These principals are certainly NOT in agreement with the modern concept of the nation-state and certainly are at odds with American interests. War is being waged on all levels although on the physical level the war is far below what is desired. It can only be a matter of time before that changes. Wars have a nasty habit of going out of control from time to time. It is clear that ‘the nation of Islam’ has a foreign policy that is permanently at war with the United States. (And every national government that is not in the house of Islam) 9/11 was inevitable when seen in this view. And more attacks can certainly be expected as soon as they become practical. It can only be a matter of time before WMD enters the picture. From Islam’s point of view, WMD (And particularly) nuclear weapons, are just the newest and best weapons that will do the most injury to its enemies. Islam is truly medieval in its view of the world and this is reflected throughout the Koran and the system of government that it defines. And that “government” is at war against us. (The United States)

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