Saturday, September 15, 2012

We are losing

“At the American embassy in Cairo, some protesters scaled the walls and in the courtyard were able to take down an American flag and put up a black Islamic flag associated with militant Islam.” ( 9/12/12) This on the same day the ambassador of Libya was killed. On 9/11. I guess that President Obama actually saved the lives of some of our military who SHOULD have been present. President Obama would have standing orders to NOT have had arms to defend themselves so they would have made great additional targets. I heard on CNN an analyst say that Libya “did not work out”. We had intervened in order to stop the slaughter of Libyan citizens. So I guess it did not work out because it is Americans who are being slaughtered. And Egypt is not working out either. Why does this not surprise me? Riots are happening all over the Muslim world. And we are to believe that this is only a very small number of ‘extremists’? We are losing the war.

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