Monday, January 17, 2011

Tunisia (1/17/11)

"Finally, Tunisians are tasting freedom, something that the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) couldn’t predict."

How the hell can anyone know this? Stabroeknews knows what government is going to step into place? Who the hell believes that it will necessarily become an open, democratic form of government?

The free press is somewhat limited in its ability to analyze. I do admit that I do not have access to classified information. However, most of the time open information is enough for fairly accurate analysis. This article seems to assume that ANY government than the last one will be better. I am not so certain. What if the new government supports Islamic nationalism and becomes a state supporter of Islamic terrorist organizations?

"The United States support of some brutal dictatorships in the Middle East is a major reason why the US is growing more unpopular in the Arab streets."

I disagree. Much of the reason why so many in the Middle East are against us is because of 'occupied Muslim lands'. On 60 minutes last Sunday, the guy from Yemen who was interviewed stated that bringing in US troops would only make more people turn against us. Not because of Yemen nationalism, but Islamic nationalism. This IS a root cause of the war and Islamic terrorism. Change in Tunisia may not be what we want or expect. (As President Carter found out back in 1979.)

I don’t like the CHANGE going on within my own country. If our national leadership is anything like I believe it to be, I am certain that I will not like what Tunisian government does eventually result from this change. I will have to wait for confirmation, just like everyone else.

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