Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Islamic cultural shock: Part V (Conclusion)

In my view, change of the type that I feel necessary would spark cultural war just as surely as not allowing any new slave states into the Union did in 1860. This is a change in way of life in such drastic measure that it will surely spark warfare. One of the most common causes of war throughout history has been perceived or threatened change to way of life. People will defend their way of life with violence. The massive amount of contact between the Islamic world and the rest of the world since the discovery of oil has already caused cultural shock throughout the Islamic world.

This cultural shock is a major cause of the Islamic terrorism since the mid-20th century. Belief in the Islamic legal system and Islamic nationalism is alive today. Like the culture that evolved and survived because of slavery, Islamic nationalism will not die without a fight. Just look at Nigeria and what happened when the court refused to stone that poor woman to death. Stoning people to death has to end. Islamic culture must be brought into the 21st century. Getting rid of Islamic law is mandatory in order to accomplish this. Religions can’t be fielding armies, nor can Islamic leaders govern. Getting rid of Islamic law will cause cultural shock on a scale that has never been seen before.

Throughout the Islamic world, violence and warfare is already common in the places that are in contact with other legal systems. The friction between Islamic law and culture will only continue to increase until Islamic culture is permanently changed. Please note that the other alternative is for Islam to conquer the world. In either case, a decisive result will most likely not occur until a catastrophe. I believe that this will most likely take the form of a nuclear war. The populations involved are just too large for any decisive result from any other known conventional methods. It is possible that Islamic nationalism will just fade away. However, the history of mankind does not indicate that this is very likely. Most likely it will not die until after a number of violent, decisive defeats.

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