Monday, January 10, 2011

Jared Loughner

Federal sources identified a Jared L. Loughner, 22, of Tucson, as the suspected gunman in the shooting Saturday at a meet-the-constituents meeting in Tucson.

I have read a number of the articles that this guy wrote. He is a nut. What concerns me the most is the effect that this shooting is having and the reaction that will result from it. Is it strange that you tend to blame the other side? Democrats are blaming Republicans. Republicans are saying the guy was a 'left wingnut'.

An example:
"A 22-year-old woman in Arizona, Caitie Parker, claimed on her Twitter feed that she went to high school and college with the gunman, and was in a band with him. She described his politics in the past as "left wing, quite liberal, & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy." She also described him as having a lot of friends "until he got alcohol poisoning in '06" and dropped out of school. "Mainly loner very philosophical.""
In any case, I believe that we conservatives are going to be made to pay for this shooting. The Republicans don’t want to add any new laws or other restrictions as a result of this shooting. Democrats will be expected to favor some type of legal reaction. We cannot expect our representatives to be more accessible after this. Our President is not a moderate; we cannot expect a moderate reaction. On top of this, just last year our representatives passed the health care bill against the will of the American people. We already have a serious issue with our representatives refusing to do what we are telling them to. This shooting and the reaction to it will only make this issue worse.

The key is how will our representatives in Congress react. Our government can easily obtain more power to restrict access to our representatives. Having direct communication is a vital necessity in ALL-democratic governments. We need to be able to walk into their office and tell them what we think. And they need to listen to us.

What is important is the impact of the response. I doubt that it will allow us additional access to our representatives. We are already in trouble with communication with our leadership in this country. The forcing of the health care law through the system when the US public was saying "NO!" is a very negative predecessor. No wonder so many people are so worried about 'violent rhetoric'. When the representatives are not responding to the people, open resistance does not have a constructive outlet.

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