Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Submission to Islamic rule

In Somalia, many are upset about the impact of the harsh Islamic legal system. I can see why. The penalties of whippings, cutting off the hands and/or heads of people, stoning people to death are a major cause of concern. (Just to name a few) What has not occurred yet is submission of the people.

The population of Somalia that is objecting to this ‘legal’ system has not yet found out that by speaking out, they will be next. After the system has been in place for some time, people have figured out that in order to keep your hands, or prevent yourself from being publicly whipped, or to not be stoned to death, you must shut up. In other words, submit to Islamic rule.

Islamic law and culture has very little tolerance for dissension. The brutal penalties would scare off most people. It is easy to see that those who DO voice dissent can be seen as insane, after all they are only making themselves visible for treatment in a system that is not known for its kindness to humanity. Submission in this case is silence. This can help explain why so many throughout the Muslim world are so quiet about Islamic terrorism and violence. Criticism is not exactly encouraged in Islam. The discouragement of dissent and criticism over generations would develop into a habit that is to just accept and submit to the system, like a good, ‘moderate’ Muslim.

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