Thursday, November 8, 2007

Islam and terrorism

Why does it appear that so many terrorists are Muslims? All cultures have ‘homegrown’ terrorists. Why does it seem that in the parts of the world where Islam is prevalent so many terrorists are active?
I have noticed that the Islamic world seems sensitive to insult. In our culture, giving one the middle finger is considered an insult. The F word is considered an insult. Why does it appear that the Islamic world is constantly being insulted? And violence seems to result. The Danish cartoons come to mind. I don’t like being insulted any more than the next guy, but I do not become violent about it. Why does it seem that the Islamic world can’t take it very well?

Not long after the fall of the Tailban in Afghanistan, a western news service wished to interview a pro western Afghan. He even agreed to be interviewed by a woman. A list was provided to her that was over 2 dozen items long detailing how she should act and dress. Nobody wanted to even accidentally insult him. She agreed. During the interview, he said something that was funny. She and the cameraman laughed. He stormed out of the room, having been insulted by a woman laughing. It was not on the list provided to her. I am certain that it was just overlooked.
Maybe Islam has nothing to do with this. To be more thorough, I plan to cover Islamic law. Maybe then we will find some answers. Certainly not all of the answers will be there. But maybe we will find some.

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