Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Dark side of Islam part II.

These items will be more difficult to deal with:

1) "In Muslim tradition, the world is divided into two houses: The house of Islam and the house of war." (Bernard Lewis, The crisis of Islam, Page 31. C2003) Want to guess where we are?

2) Tribute. Infidels payment of ‘protection’ money for living in Muslim land. In 1804, the Barbary pirates seized a United States ship. The pirates were demanding payment. The cry went out: "Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute!" The issue from our point of view was freedom of the seas. We sent our fleet over there, killed all that got in our way, released our men and burned the ship. The issue from the pirate’s view was Tribute. Infidel ships passing through Muslim waters. We owed them payment. This issue supposedly died out a long time ago. Last summer, this issue was being discussed by the Iraqi legislature. I do not know how ‘authentic’ this law is, but this issue IS still around.

3) The Moral obligation to kill occupiers of Muslim lands. I know no other requirements. In other words, even if a Muslim government launches what we would consider to be a war of aggression, the defeat of that government and occupation would trigger a worldwide obligation to kill the ‘occupiers’. This can be seen to be a major factor in the constant Arab-Israeli wars.

4) The penalty for leaving Islam is death. (An Apostate) This dooms anyone who is Muslim to death if they don’t interpret the law in the same way on a significant issue. This can be seen to contribute to the constant warfare internal to Islam and a contributing cause of the civil war going on in Iraq.

5) The penalty for a married woman convicted of adultery is stoning to death. Riots occurred in Nigeria last year because the court refused to administer this punishment. The court could be seen as having committed Apostasy. This is an ‘Authentic’ law, so this makes it a critical issue for Muslims.

6) The four legal enemies of Islam are:
(The first two qualify for ‘Jihad’)
"The presumption is that the duty of Jihad will continue (Interrupted only by truces) until the world adopts Islam or submits to Muslim rule." "Those who fight is the Jihad qualify for rewards in both worlds. Booty in this one, paradise in the next." (Bernard Lewis)
Islam can wage war against Infidels, Apostates, Rebels and bandits. This means to kill. And in the case of Jihad, seize property. This could be seen as another contributing factor in the constant Arab-Israeli wars.

7) "Islamic electoral policy has been classically summarized as ‘One man, (Men only) one vote, once.’" "Once Islam is selected, there is no going back." (Lewis) No more voting. This applies to land as well. If land becomes Muslim, it never reverts back to being non-Muslim. (The penalty for leaving Islam is death.) Spain is considered by Islam to be Muslim, because Islam had control there for many centuries. This can also be seen to be a contributing factor in the constant Arab-Israeli wars.

8) Honor killings: This is not a law. However, it makes sense that if you can kill infidels, Apostates, Rebels and Bandits that you can kill members of your family whom are ‘disloyal’. Specifically, women. The Koran’s laws treat women somewhat like property. It can become necessary to sell or kill one from time to time. (Sorry about that. This one really pisses me off.)

9) Fatwa: Lots of arguments on the limits of this one. Since the rise of the nation-state, most Muslims see this as not being compulsive. The Fatwa’s are optional, although not everyone sees it this way. Even a small percentage can create major problems. One problem is that this gives Immans the authority of nation-states. I am certain that Immans did not and do not want to give this authority up. I would expect violence here.

Many of these issues are worth risking your life for. (Or against) The United States government has already fought a small war over number 2. All of these items are hostile to our legal system and our government. No wonder a war is in process in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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