Sunday, November 11, 2007

The DARK side of Islam.

Islamic law has some problems. I am dividing this into two sections. These seven problems are what I consider to be solvable. Either we can accept that Islam is this way, or we could persuade Muslims to either ignore or re-consider the way it is enforced.

1) It is illegal to charge or to be charged interest on a loan. A new, liberal idea is to allow an exception for first time homebuyers. Modern economic theory demands this concept. This is a contributing reason why the Islamic world has such serious economic difficulty.

2) Two women testimony equals one man. This applies only to very specific situations. However, it is insulting for many men in this culture to be treated as or to be thought of as equal with ANY woman. Much in the same way as ex-slaves were thought of during the 2nd half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries. (Somewhat even today.)

3) Beat your wife. OK, this is being debated because the phrase can be read multiple ways. The fact that this argument is so widespread indicates that millions of men believe that physically striking your wife is the correct way to interpret this law. If you can treat your loved ones this way, how will someone like this treat you or I?

4) Mecca and Medina being illegal for anyone who is not a Muslim. Not an ‘authentic’ law that I know of. However, it has been enforced for centuries.

5) Marry for one hour and divorce as long as payment is made properly. I do not know how ‘authentic’ this law is. It is sanctioned prostitution. I don’t personally have an issue here.

6) Multiple wives. OK! Now we are talking!

7) Innovation is taboo. The use of other words (like industrious) to take it’s place. This causes more problems economically.

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