Saturday, January 7, 2012

Who are the 40+% who back President Obama?

Recent polling data has suggested that President Obama’s support has dropped back down into the lower 40s. A question that I have seen asked that got my attention was: Who are these 40 percent who still support him? Why are they so dumb?

1) Large percentages are believers in government running the economy better than the individual or private sector. On the Republican side, we have believers in capitalism.

2) Another sizeable percentage are those who are dependent upon the government for their means. Both are large motivations to see things in a different light than those of us who believe that the history of the United States proves differently. (1 and 2 are probably combined in many cases)

3) Another significant portion are those who vote Democrat in general. No matter what they vote Democrat (I am certain that Republicans have this type of support as well) I count my wife in amongst this group. Her family does not discuss politics. They avoid the subject because it can cause arguments. As a result, all of her family is rarely exposed to opposing points of view. I seek this out. This is why I watch Rachel Maddow, CNN and read articles in the Huffington Post. My family discusses politics and we argue. It is good practice because I do not insult any member of my family. We attack each others position, not the person. (This is probably where my wife’s family has trouble)

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