Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rachel Maddow does not know who we have as President

I have viewed a clip that has Rachel Maddow blasting President Obama for signing a law that allows for “prolonged detention”. I find this interesting because Rachel Maddow is a strong supporter of President Obama. It appears that the signing of this law that she recognizes as a threat to our republic is a surprise to her. While it is no surprise to me, I have to admit that I have been surprised by leaders that I support from time to time. But the surprises that I have had to endure are in no way like her surprise. Two examples I can think of.

President George H. Bush when he raised taxes. I believe that he did that to get Congress to agree to go to war against Iraq in 1991, but that is my take. The other surprise was when President Regan said that if we developed a missile defense, it might be a good idea to give that technology to the Soviet Union to enable them to protect themselves. After I thought about it, I understood what his idea was. I have to admit, he was more farsighted than I was because today, the nuclear threat is not so much from nuclear states as it is from Islamic nationalist groups that obtain nuclear weapons. It would be in mankind’s best interest if most, if not all nations have this technology. (Also no surprise: Our current leader is dead set against development in this direction of any kind.)

What interests me the most here is that although I have been surprised by leaders that I have supported, that surprise was not anything that was a real threat to our republic. It must be quite a shock to someone like Rachel Maddow who believes that HER side defends Civil Rights far more than those Republicans to find out that a President that she supports is taking action so blatantly against Civil Freedoms. I doubt that it will change any of her views, as it should. My view has been and still is that Democrat economic theory will eventually be a major cause of the loss of our representative government. I see President Obama as only going about it at a much faster rate than any of his predecessors. The point is that even now, supporters like Rachel Maddow really do not understand the implications of the leadership that they support.

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