Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Israel is on the front line

I find it interesting in this presidential election year; the confrontation with Iran is growing so heated. Well, with the course that the U.S. has been taking, it could have only been a matter of time. I guess President Obama does not believe that Iran is really all that much of a threat. Iran certainly is not the threat that the old Soviet Union posed.
After all, the Soviet Union has possessed the ability to devastate all of Europe AND the United States. The result could potentially make the entire planet uninhabitable for human life.

The Soviet Union WAS a very existential threat. However, they wanted their grandchildren to grow up. They proved it in 1962 whey they literally turned THEIR ships around. President Obama apparently believes that if faced with a similar situation, Iran would do the same. I do not, but in any case, Iran is certainly NOT the same threat that the Soviet Union posed. But what about the threat Iran poses to Israel?

Israel is a very small country. Only one or two nuclear explosions would end it all. By comparison, the United States could withstand several and would recover. (I am speaking of the physical damage and leaving out the potential threat of the EMP) The point I am attempting to make here is that although we have a lot to lose if Iran begins to wage nuclear warfare, Israel has more at stake. On top of this, Israel is far more likely to be the target of a nuclear attack than the United States. In other words, Israel is the front line and the United States is the reserve.

If Iran does start a nuclear war; most likely Iran and Israel (As we know them today) will cease to exist. The United States will likely survive. War is always a great gamble. What our current President is effectively doing is betting Israel’s life against the possibility of Iran choosing life, losing ‘face’ and ‘turning their ships around’. The way that I look at this is to not bet someone else's country on it, which is EXACTLY what our current President is doing. At least if you are going to bet someone’s life, it should be your own.

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