Saturday, July 2, 2011


The silence from the White House about Syria is deafening. Maybe President Obama is working behind the scenes. With the involvement in Libya about defending the ‘innocent’ civilian population, I would have thought that the violence going on in Syria today would show up on President Obama’s radar screen. More importantly, Syria is a sponsor of international Islamic terrorism. Not to mention how Syria is linked to Iran, another sponsor of Islamic terrorism. And now Turkey is threatening to engage in open conflict with Syria. This is a far more dangerous situation that what was about to transpire in Libya, (The crushing of the rebels) yet we hear and see nothing.

I suspect that at least part of the reason is that Syria is a much more dangerous opponent that Libya. It is always wise to assess your potential enemy in relation to your interests. However, with the draw down in Iraq, Afghanistan and the minor amount of involvement in Libya, the United States has additional forces that would be available if needed. I doubt that lack of forces is a deciding factor. It must be something else.

I have been saying for many years now that the beginning of ending the war against Islamic nationalism and terrorism begins with ending the current governments of Iran and Syria. These are two of the largest state sponsors. President Obama obviously disagrees. Unless he is doing things behind the view of the public, he is taking the opposite course. At this point, all I can say is that time will tell.

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