Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway terrorism

Sorry, this attack in Norway will postpone the discussion of the financial problems in the U.S.

The recent terrorist attack in Norway could be (Among other things) a backlash to the Islamic invasion of Norway and Europe. I have believed for a long time that is it not possible to defeat Islamic jihad without organized violence. (Warfare) Some issues do not have any other solution. Example: It was not possible to stop Hitler without warfare either.

I personally have chosen to pressure my government into waging warfare against governments that support Islamic nationalism. He chose a path that I find repulsive. I am not living there, where he is much closer to the scene. It is much easier to remain calm and selective when you are far away. Wars bring out the best and worst in people. Not everyone can be restrained, particularly when under stress. Athough we are not perfect, I still believe that our societies in the 'West' are far better at restraining themselves from this type of action than ANY Islamic society.

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