Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Republic is in danger

“We need to pass this bill (Health Care) so that YOU can find out what is in it”.

This is the corrected quote. I had mistakenly inserted US instead of YOU. As my wife pointed out, the change is actually for the worse.

So if and when the Republicans get the White House, the Senate and the Congressional House, they can pass a bill that changes Social Security in any way that they want and the public (YOU) can figure it out later. How about a bill that enforces the law that property owner’s votes are worth 5 and non-property owners are worth 1? After all, property owners have ‘skin in the game’. YOU can find out what the bill says after it is passed. Just think of the possibilities! WE can pass whatever WE want. No need to listen to YOU, as WE really know what is best.

Silly example, but dangerous. This is why I say that the republic is in danger like we have not seen since the U.S. Civil War. And I don’t hear anyone talking about how we are all getting along. (Democrats and Republicans) I get lots of agreement when I say that I have never seen our country so badly divided. The fighting at the state level (Wisconsin representatives walking out of the state is only one example) is only an example of what is happening at the federal level.

I thought that President Obama was going to ‘reach across the aisle’? That compromise and listening to each other would bring in a new era of cooperation?

This should not really be a surprise. When how you speak appears to be moderate and at the same time, what you are saying is NOT moderate, not listening followed by digging in then followed by fighting should be expected.

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  1. I will leave the quote alone. I think you are mis-characterizing it, taking it out of context (leaving off her swipe at the media who truly hurt the health care conversation "away from the cloud of controversy" was then end of her sentence)
    I also think it makes little sense to blame Obama for her comment. That said he is the one that signed a bad bill. We agree for different reasons but I think we both agree it was not a good bill. You think that it will hurt the health care system, I think it was a pay off to the insurance companies that did not address fully enough the underlying problem with health care and this skyrocketing costs that we can't afford.

    There are people talking about the problem of people not listening to each other, about people not giving on both sides, in fact Obama has been. He has given in on huge cuts and has place Medicare and Social Security cuts on the tables as possible solutions. He simply wants to eliminate tax loops holes and raise taxes back to 1990 rates in 2013. That seems like compromise. He puts the Democrats programs, the peoples programs up for cuts, but wants to increase revenues as well. Seems balanced to me.
    I agreed that the overall conversation in this country is really bad and divided. But people are talking about it. It is just not very profitable for large media companies to show or play it.