Saturday, June 18, 2011


Anonymous commented on my post about Chris Matthews.

Anonymous said...
"His idea of freedom apparently does not extend to economic freedom." Crazy talk. Specific examples please.

My reply:

Crazy talk? Do you mean to say that President Obama does NOT want to restrict private business? Or that President Obama does NOT believe that the government can allocate the national resources better than the private sector? And that by doing so, NOT restricting economic freedom?

Boeing. You will be unable to convince me that restriction of the choice of which state you can build a plant and do business in is NOT a restriction of economic freedom. If I wish to do business in New Jersey, that is my choice. If I wish to live in Kansas, that is my business.

This issue with Boeing is only one off the top of my head. The past 2 years is full of this type of stuff. I posted on the more general topic in my previous post.

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