Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fairness doctrine

I understand why the desire to have a ‘level playing field’ is so prevalent in U.S. society. We Americans like to believe that anyone can rise to his/her highest level of ability if given the opportunity. A major problem with this ideology is that life is not even, nor is it fair. Not that we can’t live in a society that offers more opportunity than any other and that this system can’t be improved. However, to make anything but the most basic attempts is foolhardy as it goes against human nature. We are NOT equal. None of us are. I would like to take this to an extreme.

To really, truly implement ‘fairness’, we will need to supply all other countries and organizations the equipment and training that our armed forces receives. This would come much closer to making the battlefield a more ‘level playing field’. So we would lose far more personnel in any future war than we would otherwise because we fight ‘fair’. That type of self-sacrifice is admirable, if it were not so stupid. Clearly, fairness must have limits.

Today, we have the most extreme President that has ever held the office. One of his most ambitious goals is to remake American society so that it is more ‘fair’ and has a ‘level playing field’ for everyone. From what I have seen of his foreign policy, I believe that he is attempting to do this with the rest of the world as well. The result can only be a massive deterioration in the position of the United States relative to the rest of the world. I am certain that our President does not see this as being bad. It is actually just and will ‘level the playing field’ to everyone’s advantage. The thinking goes that maybe some will not be so well off in the near future, but the overall effect will eventually be to the majority’s benefit.

Would you give away all of your assets to help in this cause? I am sorry, but no way in hell will I agree to any such thing. This goes against human nature and certainly punishes those who have exceptional gifts. You can’t treat everyone the same, because they are NOT. This is like attempting to make all sports teams equal. It can’t be done all that well and to do so defeats the purpose of the game itself. Attempting to Make everyone and everything equal is inviting disaster. This applies to all levels of human interaction, be it social, economic or political.

I just hope that we can get through the next 2 years without paying the full price for the folly of our President and his leadership.

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