Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chris Matthews

This afternoon, (6/9/11) Chris Matthews stated that the Republicans should publicly state that “Obama is just as American as you and I.”

First thing was that Chris Matthews did NOT say PRESIDENT Obama. Chris Matthews said only his last name. President Obama is the President of the United States and should and WILL obtain the respect that the office holder deserves. Republicans understand this better than Democrats do. Just look at how Democrats have mocked past Republican Presidents.

Second: Why is it necessary for ANY Republican to say this? I suspect that Chris Matthews is requiring this statement because of what President Obama is. I disagree. I believe that the question of President Obama being an American is being called into question because of what President Obama is doing. Just because Christ Matthews agrees with President Obama and believes that the state should control the economy and the fact that this concept is NOT American? (In fact, opposite) Or perhaps because President Obama is shunning our allies and embracing our enemies overseas that we conservatives question his patriotism? Or is it because President Obama has provided so limited data about himself, including his birth certificate? Or is it possibly because of so many incidents where President Obama is apparently not respectful of the U.S. flag and other symbols of the U.S.? Or can it possibly be because of all of this?

I question President Obama’s commitment to values that we Americans have held since our inception. His idea of freedom apparently does not extend to economic freedom. He disagrees with me, fine. But it is not just disagreement that is the problem. I disagree with plenty of people and get along with them. Those individuals do not hate me. President Obama is prejudiced against people like me. “I do not know all of the facts, but the police acted stupidly.” I must admit, I do hold my own prejudices. (I am a BEARS fan) But I do not hate him because of what he is. I hate what he is DOING. And I certainly do not need to state that PRESIDENT Obama is as American as you and I. I do not need to state it simply because he is the PRESIDENT of our country. Something that Chris Matthews does not seem to understand: Respect for the holder of that office.

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  1. "His idea of freedom apparently does not extend to economic freedom." Crazy talk. Specific examples please.