Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winning the war

The strategy of the United States government fighting terrorists today is that of using the ‘rule of law’ to establish law and order and stability. The front line is shifting to the police and FBI. The military will be downplayed, as our focus is shifted into law enforcement. The main problem here is that our enemy has a ‘rule of law’ that is inherently hostile to that of our own. In order to avoid open conflict, we are allowing our enemies to maintain and even expand a ‘rule of law’ that is hostile to that of our own. The differences are just so great that they cannot even co-exist without violent confrontation. This is primarily because ‘rule of law’ is cultural. Generally, this is the way that the people within that system want to live. And these ways of life are in conflict with each other, similar to that of the slave states and the free states within the U.S. in the nineteenth century. It is the Islamic terrorists who are attempting to force the Islamic legal system upon the rest of the world. The enemy that is forcing the issue is Islamic nationalism. This confrontation can only escalate, as wars are won by increasing the violence to a level the opposition either cannot or will not match.

People will defend their way of life through organized violence. (Up to and including organized warfare) The way of life that has been established under Islamic law has to change in order to rid the world of most if not all, of the international Islamic terrorists. Change of this sort will NOT occur naturally. Even within our own country, it took the most costly war in our history (Not even close) to change the way of life of the slave owner society. That way of life could no longer be tolerated. As was demonstrated by our own Civil War, history has demonstrated time and again that change of this type will not occur without violence and warfare. So the choice really boils down to this:

Do we adopt the legal ways of our enemies, or do they adopt ours? Please note that they have the same options and we can expect the same answer. I say that they MUST adopt the international definitions of the responsibilities of the nation-state and separation of church and state that this requires. Islam is NOT a NATION. It can have no enforcement of any kind. This requires the Islamic ‘rule of law’ to change drastically, and it must change today. Islamic nationalism IS the major root cause. To do anything else is not to pursue the war at the root causes.

If the root causes of ANY problem are not addressed, the problem will only become larger as time goes on. Today, this will require offensive, preemptive warfare to enforce the elimination of Islamic sovereignty. In other words, the governments that holds Islam as the rule of law, or is supportive of Islamic forces. Islam cannot field armies anymore. Those who believe that Islam can and should must be attacked and defeated. We must attack Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and such groups directly. Syria and Iran will have to change. As shown by their actions, Syria and Iran believe in political Islam as they are directly supporting organizations that are violently fighting for enforcement of the concepts that are so hostile to us. We need to wage conventional warfare. This will force our enemies to meet our soldiers in open combat. Only in this way can the war be kept conventional. It is only a matter of time before Islamic terrorist groups obtain and deploy an effective WMD.

Eventually, many other Islamic governments after Syria and Iran may have to follow, but this would be an important start. Please note that I find this to be very unlikely. Far more likely will be ineffective action and a continuing acceleration in Islamic terrorist capability. Until WMD are deployed. At that point, I consider it to be too late. I want to keep the war conventional. I sincerely doubt that this is possible. I still believe that the issues are just too large and too many people’s ways of life are involved to prevent this conflict from becoming World War III. After all, once WMD are deployed, what else can we and our enemies do except continue to escalate? No truce will end this matter, as has been shown by the countless truces in the Middle East.

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