Saturday, November 13, 2010


A friend and I had a discussion about some of the reasons for the war. Unfortunately, I did not present my case very well. I DID state the issue of stoning as one of the reasons for war. Both my friend and his wife disagreed. After all, why would anyone go to war over stoning?

I used the example of slavery. Slavery was and is morally wrong. However, I am also a firm believer in the right of other countries and cultures doing what they deem are correct, even when the ideas conflict with my own personal values. As long as they are not forcing their ideas and system upon others, they should be able to live their lives as they see fit. The problem here is that slavery is one of those human issues that do not sit still. The South rose up and fought the U.S. Civil War because President Lincoln had stated that he did not intend to allow slavery to continue to grow. Any new states admitted into the Union would be free states. Time was now against the South. As time went on and new states were admitted into the Union, the South’s political position would only deteriorate. The best time when they where the strongest to resist was right then. So they acted. I consider stoning to be a similar issue.

Stoning is an issue that is forcing submission. The person who dies is not the entire target. People can be executed in many ways. Stoning is particularly painful and brutal. This is so that others will not do what they did. It is a public lesson. Stoning also allows the public to become directly involved. The public themselves can throw rocks. Stoning is designed to force compliance; or else you will be the next one. This attitude is one that like slavery must be imposed upon others. I would expect that if half the U.S. allowed stoning and the other did not, we would eventually see another situation like 1860 where the country was divided and would likely go to war. Do not agree?

I know that this would not happen, but let us assume that a bill is passed in the U.S. Congress that would allow for stoning. It would be over my dead body before I allowed this practice in my country! No way in hell would I go along. In fact, I would literally take up stones! I WILL show up at a stoning and start throwing the rocks at the people who are throwing them at the victim! Then the knives would show up, followed quickly by firearms. This is why I say that stoning causes wars. If some organization began to stone ANYONE to death in this country and my government did not take violent action, I would have to. How can we expect others not to? And those who are against stoning are wrong for taking even violent action? In any case, we would have a war on our hands.

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