Saturday, November 6, 2010

Origin of Islamic terrorism

Like many other Americans, after 9/11, I began to take a much closer look at Islam. The more I studied Islam, the more that I understand where Islamic terrorism originates. It took a few years. However, I can't expect anyone else to go at the same pace that I went.

I have noted the use of the term "Good Muslims". This is a mistake. Not that it is incorrect. More that it does not matter. "Good Southerners" fought for slavery. "Good Germans" and "Good Japanese" fought for aggression in World War II. The very fact that people are "Good" people is not vitally important. What is important is that Muslims worldwide are NOT pressing their governments to wage war against Islamic terrorism.

Many Muslims support HAMAS and other Islamic nationalist organizations, even if not openly. If 'fundamentalist' Muslims were as small a percentage of the population as 'Fundamentalist Christians' are in the U.S., these terrorist organizations would dry up. They would scarcely be around at all. How many KKK type organizations do we have here in the US? These organizations are certainly not nearly as powerful as Islamic ‘fundamentalist’ organizations. The percentage of the population that actively supports the KKK and similar organizations are nowhere near the percentage of the Muslim population who supports Islamic terrorist organizations, nor do the ‘Western’ terrorist organizations obtain nearly the same amount of dollars. In no way can we believe that the effectiveness and impact of the KKK and ‘Christian terrorism’ is anything similar to Islamic terrorism. Let’s compare on a more obvious level.

To compare the KKK and HAMAS as armed forces is ridiculous. The firepower of HAMAS and Hezbollah and how many other Islamic organizations compared to the tanks and artillery of the KKK? Yes, and we have priests forming and leading combat units in this country. These units wage war to rid us of ‘occupied’ Christian land, and mobilize an irregular force to protect Christian ‘waters’? The Catholic Church is NOT a national government. It does not attempt to behave like one. The "Nation of Islam" certainly acts like a government, and millions of Muslims appear to believe that it is a government.

Throughout the world, Muslims wage war to protect the national interests of Islam. This is the actual root of the many problems. The source of Islamic terrorism is Islamic nationalism.

P.S. The world cannot continue to accept a religion that has followers that believe and behave like the ‘religion’ is a national government.

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