Thursday, November 11, 2010

America is NOT at war with Islam

President Obama made this statement Tuesday when making a speech at the University of Indonesia. President Obama has said this before. Here we have the leader of a modern nation-state addressing the people of another nation and telling them that we are not at war against them. There is no question that President Obama was NOT speaking about the United States being at war against the nation of Indonesia. He is speaking about the "Nation of Islam". The thing that bothers me most about this statement is that President Obama is addressing Islam as if Islam were a national entity.

The United States is a sovereign government. As such, it may wage war against other sovereign governments. Who else could President Obama be referring to except the government of Indonesia? The only other entities that can possibly be involved are Islam as a form of government that the U.S. CAN declare and wage war against. President Obama is attempting to assure the population of this national entity that we are NOT (And NEVER will be) at war against them.

To recognize Islam in this way is very dangerous. After all, governments CAN wage war against each other. This implies that Islam has the authority to wage war. NO! Wars have been fought to decide issues like this. And the United States is NOT at war against the idea of Islam as a form of government? A major problem here is that Islam as a form of government, IS at war against the United States. Islam does not recognize ANY modern national government, or any of its responsibilities and authority. Then who the hell ARE we at war against? I thought that these "Radical Islamists" want to install Islam as a government.

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