Sunday, January 3, 2010

Political Islam is the basic cause of the war

Political Islam has been and is still at war against the modern nation-state. Many of the concepts within "political" Islam are at war against the United States as well as much of the rest of the world.

The moral obligation to kill ‘occupiers’ of Muslim land has to end. The ‘religion’ may own land, but to mobilize an Islamic army is a concept from the Middle Ages. The penalty for leaving Islam is death. This ‘authentic’ law is a basic reason for much of the violent conflict internal to Islam.

Once enough people disagree in a significant way about the interpretation of an ‘authentic’ law, the rest of Islam sees them as having left the faith. They have become Apostates. The penalty is death, along with the loss of property (booty) that is the reward for the warriors who enforce the law. Although payment of booty is not as common today, this ‘authentic’ law is a major part of the reason why warfare is so common internal to Islam.

"Political" Islam is a one way street. Once you become Muslim, you cannot go back. Once land is controlled by Islam, it can never become non-Muslim. (In the eyes of Islam.) Once another entity ‘occupies’ it, then a moral obligation to kill the ‘occupiers’ is triggered. This is closely tied in with Jihad. As Bernard Lewis points out: "For the fourteen hundred years of Muslim history, Jihad has been most commonly interpreted to mean armed struggle for the advancement or defense of Muslim power." Political Islam cannot be allowed to mobilize an army and enforce these types of rules. Wars are fought over issues like this.

An example: The Catholic Church owns the land that a church in Chicago has been built on. If any group of armed people took it over; Catholics from Illinois, Mississippi, Brazil or Canada do NOT go in and take them out. The U.S. government sends in the army, or National Guard or SWAT team or whatever. Islam has a long history of this type of action. As has been seen so often today, Islam still retains a sizable number of followers who believe that Islam overrides the modern national government. This is the common cause of much of the warfare within the Islamic world. If the means for open warfare is not available, irregular warfare is the natural result. It is only the next step to become what we consider to be a ‘terrorist’.

The payment of the ‘poll tax’ (Tribute) is another part of ‘political’ Islam that conflicts with the modern nation state. Taxation and conscription are functions of the national government, not religion. Political Islam is fighting against the evolution of the national governments movement into areas that Islam has historically held.

These issues can be seen to be important influencing factors in the many Arab-Israeli wars. This helps explain why peace has been so elusive. The issues are much too important to be decided without violence. Warfare is conflict raised to the most decisive level. Some conflicts cannot be decided any other way. Islam has a number of issues that are of this type.

These issues not only trigger violence and warfare, but also can been seen to be impossible to eliminate without violence and warfare. These issues are combining with the general repressive nature of Islamic law and contributing as to why so much of the Muslim world has such anger management problems. This is useful in fielding an army, something that historically, Islam has been good at. We are seeing the Islamic army in action today. This must end before this ‘army’ gets it’s hands on nuclear weapons, or some other effective WMD. At that point, the war will escalate, possibly out of control. It is worth waging large, conventional warfare to prevent.

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  1. They already have access to WMD. These are predeployed for them by us in the US and in other countries. They are called "food irradiators" with millions of Curies(thats a lot) of radioactivity IN TIN SHEDS in suberban areas just waiting for a jihadist group to blow them up on site.Or they could go for the "waste fuel rod that are stored by the "nuke plants". Then there are the "chemical factories and storage tanks".If they want "home grown biowar agents",they can visit your local university or pharmaceutical company. They might have to deal with an unarmed security guard or janitor at some of these places,but with a little shopping around they can put together a fairly decent supply of explosives,poisons and weapons.Sleep well.