Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Islam and the next BIG war. (World War III?)

Conflict is a part of human nature; it is part of us. Conflict is as natural to us as arguing with your spouse. Not pleasant, but it is natural to argue about allocation of resources and priorities. Some issues cannot be resolved. These must be lived with. Sometimes, this is not so practical between nations or groups of people.

Some issues must be resolved, yet have no solution other than one side winning outright. Slavery is one of these types of issues. Nothing one side can give up will satisfy the other side in exchange. This requires some type of decisive instrument. Warfare is conflict raised to the most decisive level. Warfare is the decisive instrument. The vast majority of humans do not want to kill others unless absolutely necessary.

Yet issues exist that cannot be resolved in any other way. This is at least one reason why large conflicts in the form of major wars will occur every so often. It cannot be avoided. The past has indicated that it is extraordinarily dangerous to attempt to avoid. Like so many other things in life, it is generally better to face the music sooner rather than later.

Some signs that are pointing toward a big war:

1) Big wars happen every so often. The 20th century had two world wars, but the second ended more than 60 years ago. The world can be due for another. Certainly well before the end of the 21st century. Most likely prior to the 2nd half. The year 2045 will be the 100-year anniversary since the end of World War II. If this theory is correct, we can expect the war to occur before this date.

2) The populations of the current clash between Islam and the rest of the world are unprecedented. The populations whose support of each side of these issues are much too large for decisive results without WMD. Escalation is a natural part of warfare. Wars are won by the side that escalates the war to a level the other side either cannot or will not match. If the clash ever became an open war, the use of WMD is a certainty. The pattern of major, modern warfare is shorter, but larger, more powerful and destructive wars.

3) The issues present within Islam that are in conflict with the modern national government are non-negotiable. Generally, wars only require a small number of these types of issues. Islam has too many, as is being seen in all of the violent conflicts that Islam is involved in today.

4) The greatest war in man’s history was immediately preceded by the worst economic downturn in mankind’s history. The risk of hyperinflation or some other economic collapse in the U.S. could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Anytime you predict the future, you are simply guessing. One thing is certain: Wars will be fought. Big wars will occur. Human nature demands it. It is only a matter of time. The question is: When?

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  1. Sadly a point of no return will be made in 2010. if anything seen or realized is just the dust on the surface. there is a recipe for peace but no one wants to see it or admit it or face it. i do have the answers but when i started showing a small part of it on a website the website got attack financially to kill it. peace is obtained when the balance between consciousness on everything including accepting religions as being part of the problem and accepting that money should not be and also giving back the power to the people. and i also have an easy way to do that but no government will accept or permit it even if it brings peace. a money person will always believe if they are no longer a money person they will no longer be. so you see why in this small but not complete angle why peace will occur only in the far future when the uglyness of human suffering will be "greater" then the attraction to more power or more money.
    truth: includes all the information including the information that is not wanted, not accepted, not wanted to be faced.
    Someone's truth: includes only the information the person wants to see and face and will always exclude all the information that that person doesn't want to see, or face or accept. Robert L