Friday, January 29, 2010

Iran sentences 11 demonstrators to death

Iran has executed two convicted demonstrators. Iran also has sentenced at least 9 other demonstrators to death. These were convicted of demonstrating against the results of the election last summer.

Iran has no gays. This is because they hang the ones that they find. I guess Iran does not have any resistance to it’s governance either, because they will execute those that they find. This is tied into Islamic law and governance. Iran is an Islamic governed country where Islamic law is enforced. Islam has a VERY harsh penal code. Islam has plenty of death penalties.

Islam has little to no crime because the penalties are so severe. Yea, that Middle Ages concept is still around. Ideas like stoning people to death and beating your wife and Jihad and a religion that fields armies.

Iran may not be stoning these people to death, but the ideology is from 620 AD. Another major problem is that Islam has NOT evolved from this brutal time period.

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