Sunday, December 27, 2009

Muslim extremism rising threat

The LA Times (By Sebastian Rotella December 7, 2009)
U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat

This may have been the most dangerous year since 9/11, anti-terrorism experts say.
Reporting from Washington - The Obama administration, grappling with a spate of recent Islamic terrorism cases on U.S. soil, has concluded that the country confronts a rising threat from homegrown extremism. (Please read full article for additional information)

This has been expected. We can expect this trend to continue as the United States continues to shift from a strategic offensive posture to that of the strategic defensive. Complete withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan will allow this trend to accelerate even faster because the net amount of combat with our enemies will be falling. The loss and attrition rate will also fall allowing our enemy the ability to decide where the war will be fought.

Trust me, defensive warfare sucks. Even if you disagreed with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you could not fail to notice how U.S. positions worldwide were not being hit like they had before 9/11. Since then, our military was being hit in the combat areas, but that is what they are designed for. Our enemies did not match up well against our soldiers, as was proven by the black eye our enemy received in Iraq. Now that the net amount of combat against our military is and has been falling, our enemy can devote resources to new endeavors. It only makes sense that they begin to deploy over here.

The foreign threat can more easily target the domestic population for conversion or open assistance than to strike U.S. internal physical targets openly. Prisons are the most natural place to begin. The U.S. government’s open assistance in this area just enables our enemies to advance their schedule and even broaden the scope of operations.

Many argued that we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan so that we would not have to fight over here. Many discounted this argument as being false. While many may still consider that the jury is out on this argument, this ‘homegrown Islamic jihad’ will be a good indicator over the next several years as to how our war against political Islam is going. At the same time, we cannot ignore attacks upon allies in Europe and throughout the world. I would expect the trend here in the United States to fall into a similar pattern that we have been seeing in Europe for the past decade or more. In addition, Israel is a good place to watch. This is a flash point between the culture of Islam and the open societies of the ‘west’ and as such is a focal point in the war.

In conclusion, the year 2009 marked an increase in ‘homegrown’ Islamic ‘radical’ arrests and attacks within the continental United States. This is being seen as a rising threat by the U.S. government. Seeing that this was President Obama’s first year in office, we shall get a good idea as to how effective his prosecution of the entire war is proceeding by watching how this trend regarding internal ‘homegrown’ Islamic terrorism goes over the next several years.

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