Monday, December 7, 2009

President Obama's war (political) strategy

Warfare and politics do not mix. President Obama must disagree with me on this one. I wish that I could say that 40,000 additional troops in Afghanistan would matter. I don’t believe that we will get anything like the results we got in Iraq with this new ’surge’ in Afghanistan. I find it far more likely that President Obama will withdraw in 2011, right on schedule. What will be going on at the time in Afghanistan at that time will be beside the point. This is a win-win political strategy for him. Combined with the withdrawal from Iraq, he can say that he ended the wars in Afghanistan AND Iraq. Hard not to imagine him believing that this will help him win re-election in 2012. And it does follow what he has been saying since 2001 regarding how the United States should not even be in Afghanistan or Iraq. After all, President Obama (As do many others) believes that we are creating new enemies just by being there.

One minor problem is that the enemy does not have the same political agenda.

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