Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Al Qaeda is still active in Iraq

I pulled this from:

"Al Qaeda in Iraq carried out another coordinated mass-casualty terror attack in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad. More than 120 Iraqis were killed and more than 200 were wounded when three suicide bombers and two car bombs were detonated in locations throughout Baghdad. The targets of the attacks were a bank, a police patrol, a court complex, a mosque, and a market neighborhood near the Interior Ministry."

Al Qaeda is known for attacking symbols. On 9/11, the targets were the trade center, an economic target and the Pentagon, a military target. Please note the targets in yesterday’s attacks in Baghdad. A bank is an economic target, the police represent enforcement, the court is the legal system and the market is economic. Political Islam is at war against these very ideas.

Islam specifies an economic policy, which the Iraqi government is NOT following. The attack on the bank is a clear sign on this issue. The police are the enforcement vehicle, which to political Islam, is another enemy. The police in Iraq are NOT enforcing Islamic law. The attack on the mosque is an attack on Apostates. Clearly, any that do not oppose how Iraq is being run has left Islam. The attack on the court complex is an attack on the legal system. Islamic law is much different from the legal system that the United States helped install.

Political Islam is alive and well in Iraq. Even if you had opposed the invasion, it cannot be denied that Al Qaeda and political Islam is present in Iraq. If matters not when they arrived. Our enemies are there and can be engaged. I do not know if Iraq is strong enough to stand by itself at this time. I do know that it is in our best interests to ensure that it does not change to support political Islam.

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