Friday, June 5, 2009

Terrorist attack

The recent attack by a converted Muslim upon the U.S. military can be considered to be a ‘home grown’ terrorist attack, similar in a way to that of Timothy McVeigh or Columbine. I personally believe that this is only a foretaste of what will be occurring in just a few years. Even though I also consider this to be an example of a ‘home grown’ terrorist, the reaction or rather the lack of reaction by our current leadership will allow out enemies to continue to establish them within our nation. I am referring to many of Islamic issues that trigger wars, not necessarily of ALL Islamic beliefs.

We are actually letting our guard down, deliberately. Cutting the research and development for missile defense has to be one of the most glaring examples. The U.S. government deciding that it will not fight for the very values that are being threatened by our enemies is another. How can we expect moderate Muslims to fight with us when we refuse to risk our own necks? You find out very quickly who is on your side when the bullets are flying. You also can recognize your enemies much more readily. Seeing as this is one of the largest problems dealing with terrorism, our current leadership is dropping the ball. The result can only be our enemies becoming stronger and more capable. The attrition rate is way down. Our enemies can begin to reenter areas that they had to cut back on in order to maintain their army in Iraq. This will also allow them to deploy into new areas. The loss of strategic initiative now allows our enemies to begin to choose when and where to attack.

Defense is important in warfare. Attacking is preferred over defending unless you can’t maintain the attrition. The mismatch of terrorist against the U.S. military is an advantage that must be used. Without the open warfare against terrorism, we cannot expect anything but increasingly more effective attacks upon us. The strategic initiative has not yet been lost, but our momentum is slowing down.

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