Saturday, May 16, 2009

Occupiers of Muslim land

One of the ‘authentic’ laws in the Koran is the global obligation to kill the ‘occupiers’ of Muslim land. The effect of this ‘law’ can be easily seen today. Muslims worldwide commonly refer to the Israeli ‘occupation’ of Palestine. This is one of the primary reasons that Iran has said that Israel should be wiped from the map. For many Muslims, the U.S. ‘occupation’ of Afghanistan is a reason to fight us. The ‘occupation’ of Iraq has triggered an even greater reaction and the resistance to ‘occupations’ continues to this day. One common argument against the invasion of Iraq was that it has created more ‘terrorists’ than we would have to face than if we did not ‘occupy’ Iraq in the first place. That by withdrawing, we would take away the incentive to hate and kill us. This is only partially correct.

It is true that by withdrawal, Muslims worldwide would be released of the obligation to kill the ‘occupiers’ of the Muslim lands of Afghanistan and Iraq. This will in no way release them from the obligation to remove the ‘occupation’ of Palestine. However, of direct concern to the U.S. is that the ‘occupation’ issue is only one of the laws that we are fighting against. As I have mentioned in the past, a number of issues are present that is unrelated to ‘occupation’ of Muslim land. Those issues are also worth waging war against. Political Islam contains numerous issues of this type. By reducing the confrontation, these issues would then not be addressed so forcefully. A major obstacle to this is the lack of nationalism within the Islamic world.

Nationalism has only begun to develop within the Arab world. Many of the nation-states that make up the Middle East were only created in the 20th century. We are forcing them to choose sides. Those who are willing to fight and kill to destroy the ‘occupiers’ are forced to take action. This is making them stand out. It is far easier for everyone to see whom the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ guys are. One of the greatest problems when dealing with terrorism is loyalty to Islam over your country. By making this distinction public, we help them deal with this entrenched ideology.
The development of loyalty to a nation over the ‘nation of Islam’ will take many generations, (centuries) if it occurs at all. Islamic terrorism will not end until the system of laws like killing the ‘occupiers‘is altered substantially or completely ignored. History has shown time and again that the result of such change will be (And should be) open warfare. In wars of this type, you will be forced to kill many ‘good’ people. Like the good southerners that fought with good reasons for what they believed to be right.

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