Sunday, May 31, 2009

North Korea

North Korea does not worry me as much as some other situations.

1) China has a vested interest in North Korea. China lost close to a million men in the 1950’s defending North Korea. China has some control over North Korea simply because China exports so much of what North Korea needs.

2) North Korea is somewhat isolated. Except for China, North Korea has little in the way of borders to cross. Geographically, North Korea is separated from our worst enemies.

3) As crazy as the leader of North Korea is, he is somewhat restrained by the China leadership. The North Korean leader has shown not to be suicidal. He blusters, threatens and is obnoxious. However, he has not invaded South Korea nor has he launched any nuclear attacks. Nor has he successfully organized an irregular army in any neighboring country. Islamic terrorists and their supporters cannot be expected to be as restricted.

North Korea is dangerous. However, they do not worry me as much as the repeated suicidal efforts that are originating from the Islamic world. Pakistan, Iran and Syria are all much more of a threat in that they already are supportive of irregular, armed forces in other countries. As such, they are NOT isolated. In addition, the occurrence of repeated suicide attack for only the 2nd time in all of recorded history demonstrates that the ideology of these same enemies would not be restraining them from deploying WMD if given the opportunity. This ideology is unlike ANY the world has seen since Japan in the 1940’s. Even the Soviet Union and China have demonstrated that they want their grandchildren to survive and prosper.

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